• Property Settlement Increased from 10% to 30%

    Our client had a dispute with her ex husband about the division of the family assets. Our client separated from her ex husband after a 2 year marriage due to domestic violence. Our client did not have any kids from the relationship and was working on a full time basis. Our client’s ex husband was refusing to split the family assets with our client. Our client approached our firm after she was represented by a mid tier law firm who charged her over than $60,000 in legal fees without achieving any results and the case became complicated as it was referred to a higher court to resolve a technical legal issue about trust law which arose during the initial trial.  
    After committed negotiation, Optimum Lawyers successfully settled the case for our client out of court, avoiding costly court costs, and avoiding the trauma of going through the courts.
    We successfully negotiated a fair settlement in favour of our client and our client’s ex husband agreed to give our client 30% of the family assets. Our client expected to receive 10% if she went through the court system,  but with our committed, experienced team, our client gained 30% of the family assets and also successfully avoided court to drastically reduce our clients costs. This outstanding outcome was achieved by using our skills and experience to reach a satisfactory outcome to our client in a very cost effective way.