• Wills and Deceased Estate Contest: Successful Contest of Will to gain 25% extra of deceased estate

    Our client was left out in her late husband’s Will. Our client’s late husband allowed our client to live in the Deceased Estate as long as he was alive and restricted her from marrying or travelling after his death. Our client’s late husband devoted all the Estate to his children from his first wife in equal shares and excluded our client’s right to the estate.

    After committed negotiation, Optimum Lawyers successfully settled the case for our client out of court, avoiding costly court costs. 

    We successfully negotiated an amended Will in favour of our client and dividing the sale proceedings of the Deceased among our client’s late husband children and our client in equal shares. Our client expected to receive 5% from the Deceased Estate but with our committed, experienced team, we gained 25% of the Deceased Estate in favour of our client and also successfully avoided court to drastically reduce our clients costs. This outstanding outcome was achieved by using our skills and experience to reach a satisfactory outcome to our client in a very cost effective way.