Optimum Lawyers Parramatta are a Proud NOVA Employment Partner

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Optimum Lawyers Parramatta Partner With NOVA Employment


NOVA Employment is a not for profit Australian charity that employs people who have a disability in the general community.

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How Lawyers in Parramatta can really support the community

Optimum Lawyers Principal lawyer Wisam Assi made the landmark statement in 2018 that lawyers in Parramatta young and old, tall and short, rich or poor have a responsibility to supporting our community”.

With Optimum Lawyers Parramatta being a proud NOVA employment partner since 2018, this has enabled people with disabilities a real chance to seek gainful employment and find meaning in their lives.

The impacts of lawyers in Parramatta supporting the community

NOVA Employment is a free service that supports the gainful employment of more than 2000 people who have a disability. In over 27 years, NOVA employment have enabled people with disability to show their ability.Ā 

NOVA has on-site support and training the employee and the business to assist the employee in building essential skills to settle into their new job and become an independent worker.

NOVA identified Optimum Lawyers Parramatta as a preferred partner to support and widen their employment network.

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