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Even if all you own is your house/apartment, you should still upgrade to a more sophisticated will that properly protects your assets and reduces unnecessary tax

Your Home Becomes An Investment Property – Case Study
Jane’s only major asset is her 2-bedroom apartment worth $800K. Jane leaves everything to her only child, Mary. Mary has a job paying $120K p.a. and 2 children who are still in school. Mary rents a 3-bedroom townhouse and can’t yet afford to buy her own home. Once Jane passes away, Mary rents out Jane’s old apartment as an investment property, earning $40K p.a. in rental income. Mary holds the apartment for 10 years and then sells it for $1M, making a $200K capital gain.

TOTAL TAX SAVED = $156,650


* * * *
With a smarter will, Mary ‘streams’ the additional $40K p.a. in rental income equally between her 2 children to take advantage of their lower tax rates, saving $14,116 in tax per year, every year. In the final year, Mary can similarly ‘stream’ the additional $140K income (ie, $40K rent + $100K capital gain after the 50% CGT discount) equally between the kids, saving $29,606 in unnecessary tax.

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This is only possible with a special type of trust called a “testamentary discretionary trust” that can only be created under a will. These trust structures also help to protect your hard-earned assets from creditors and predators Most lawyers produce only basic wills that don’t include this extra sophistication, but we are equiped to provide this higher level of service.

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IMPORTANT: smarter estate planning in NOT just for the wealthy as the above case study shows. You’ve worked all your life to build what you have – don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax, and expose your hard-earned assets to risk, for the sake of a few hundred dollars now.

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